Sales Coach & Consulting

Tactical Sales Strategies, Consulting and Coaching

Sales coaching and consulting has become a valued byproduct of our distinctive sales experience. The consulting division was born from our client need to increase their sales results, by developing sales models, or by coaching and establishing goals to effectively manage their sales team.

The Corporate Need

The corporate need is similar to the trend of a “CFO for Hire.” We have found that most small to mid-size companies lack a senior level VP to develop strategic sales and marketing models. Our focus takes on this role and we develop a sales plan that will yield increased sales results for our clients.

For Individual Professionals & Entrepreneurs

The individual professionals or entrepreneurs benefit by increasing their sales result when they lack sales experience. Many are motivated to advance in their firm, while others desire to grow into Partner from the senior staff level. We work one-on-one in designing tactical sales strategies and coaching specifically for their position within the industry.

Our experience with business to business sales teams, entrepreneurs or professionals (attorney, accountant, financial planner and IT, etc.) who are experts in their field, but lack solid sales experience will benefit from our specialties that include but are not limited to the following:

Sales Coaching

sales 101 to advanced strategy

Tactical Sales Strategy

lead generation, presentations, closing the deal

Compensation Plans

modeling and best practices

Sales Audit and Process Analysis

customization for maximizing sales results

The way you apply your consulting services makes us feel like you are a part of our team by helping us define our goals and then by helping us execute them!

APT Impact ClientSales Consulting Client

Jim DiModica – Bio

I have the ability to accelerate revenue increases in multiple markets with competitive product sales, and have sold professional services engagements valued in the $100,000 – $500,000 range, and new market concept development. I’ve had the unique experience to be with one of the Big Five Accounting firms during the aggressive and fast moving “dot com” era while working with early stage and start up high-tech companies and the government contracting sectors.
During my career I was recruited to opportunities with my primary focus to provide sales growth.

APT Impact is now in its tenth year. As an Audio Marketing and Tactical Sales Consulting Company we are positioned to lead in an emerging industry. APT Impact will focus our efforts on utilizing technology and best practices to shape our suite of products with consulting services and provide the right solutions that are customized to meet the client’s needs.

As the consummate sales consultant, I continue to speak on these subjects.

APT Impact is derived from “Audio Point-of-Purchase Technologies” and the impact of using this unique communication tool. The suite of products includes an On-Hold Program, Convenience C-Store, and Call Handler or Auto-Answer Programs designed to provide a message when customers and prospects are idle waiting to be served. The most popular program is an AudioNewsletter™ for business telephone systems when clients have been place On-Hold.

“We look forward to earning your business.”