On-Hold Messaging

Improving Communications

At APT Impact, Inc., “we get the message” … your message that is … and deliver it to everyone who calls you every day! Let’s improve your communications with your callers.

Custom On-Hold Messaging Program

We strive to inform, educate and entertain callers placed on-Hold by producing appealing and affordable custom messages.

Professional Survey

10,000 callers were placed on hold for 60 seconds.


Answered the call


Placed on hold


Called back and surveyed

The Results

When on-hold in silence, 48% of callers waited (52% hung-up).

Callers Waited in Silence48%

When on-hold with message about business, 98% of callers waited (2% hung-up).

Callers Waited with Custom Message98%

No one wants their clients — or even worse, their prospects — to hang-up in frustration!

  • 100% Improvement
  • Reduce Caller Frustration

Your “Brand” Delivered On-Hold

An engaging on-hold message will make an impact. Our clients are looking to maximize their ROI… and understand the value of each and every call!


image, perfection, confidence

Cross- Sell & Promote

product & services, specials & events, newsletters, Facebook & Twitter


frustrations, hang ups, questions, lost opportunities

Most every business is challenged with similar issues and concerns which directly effect the bottom line. Our clients’ goals are to…

  • Grow Revenue
  • Cross-Sell More Effectively
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Retain Customers

Get Started

We work very closely with our clients to help advance their goals and objectives, utilize best practices and understand current trends. Let our marketing professional help you engage your callers.

“We look forward to earning your business.”